Fitness Training For Tennis

Tennis players need to undergo a certain fitness program and training so that they can play the sport effectively and prevent injuries to themselves. Those who train in the game of tennis are usually put through fitness programs by their coaches. People often consult with trainers who are experienced in helping different sportsmen and women. Usually every game needs conditioning and development of the body in different ways. Hence, if you are planning to play tennis, you need to know the right kind of warm ups and fitness routines to follow.

Endurance requirements

Tennis is a game that is physically demanding. One needs to exhibit large amounts of energy in order to shoot the ball across. Endurance needs to be high in order to go through the rigors of a match. Flexibility, agility as well as coordination are other skills that need to develop by players of this sport. For those who have taken membership in a tennis court maintained by sports court line marking services, they need to get the right guidance for fitness training as well.

Training requirements

Fitness training for tennis combines endurance training as well as coordination, flexibility as well as agility. These are some abilities that are well developed when one goes through tennis fitness training. In order to be able to move around a court that is maintained by sports court line marking services, one needs to go through adequate levels of training and warm-up routines.

Fitness schedules

Those who are playing tennis need to stick to fitness training programs that are designed by their coaches or instructors. Usually players need to warm up adequately before a game of tennis in order to prevent injury to themselves. The training program includes diverse exercises. Different body parts are targeted for fitness and flexibility. At the same time, agility skills are also developed by including diverse training activities. Strength training is also part of such fitness schedule. Muscles are developed which need to be strong and firm for this game. Running is also an important part of the fitness schedule for tennis. It helps to build endurance.

Different kinds of exercises

Aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises are made part of the fitness program for a tennis player. Conditioning of the body is done by light weight machines. Muscles need to be toned and strengthened for this game to be played well. One could also play similar games like badminton and squash that helps to develop similar skills as required for playing tennis. Tennis offers a level of fitness to the players which are invaluable for overall fitness and health. Players who train and condition themselves and dedicate themselves to the sport have superior levels of fitness as a result.

Different Career Paths For Literature Majors

We’ve all heard the advice, “the humanities don’t really offer much prospects. You’d better try the sciences or business management fields.” While it may seem like the humanities subjects such as literature doesn’t offer too many job opportunities, the truth is that a major in literature inadvertently gives you several skills that are in high demand in the job market such as research and referencing, and writing. So instead of hanging your head and opting for a field you don’t like, check out the careers below:

You Can Manipulate the Story

In a good way, of course – and that is what PR agencies are looking for?

Literature majors spend years learning how to win an argument on paper; PR agencies want the speed and perfection that comes with having a vocabulary that can dazzle a client. Most agencies look for professional writers to create content, if not concepts, and it’s a short step from being a junior content producer to a senior executive in concept management as long as you can use words to tell the right story. Public relations is all about knowing how to tell a story when, and is something literature majors learn from the cradle.

You Can Sell Your Version

Very similar to a PR agency, advertising department also require strong content writers. Unlike PR though, they need originality, which is another skill that literature majors have to hone in order to avoid repetition in essays and papers. If a student cannot convince the examiner that their version of the narrative is the right one, they do not receive good marks; advertising agencies operate on the same principal. In fact, cognitive linguistics in literature is all about how metaphors are used in our day- to- day life, primarily in advertising, to associate certain qualities with products. Sound familiar anyone?

You Can Read Like Hell

Years of having to read every criticism on the planet associated with every text you’ve ever studied makes literature majors into speed readers. Speed reading is a useful skill for editors, particularly in literary agencies and in the publishing industry. An assistant editor or associate will read 5-8 manuscripts a week, and have to make summaries and reports on each for the head editor’s perusal. This needs speed reading, the ability to synthesize and summarise, and the ability to write concise, lucid reports. Needless to say, excellent spelling and grammar come with the territory and also helps.

You Have Researched. You Have Read

Every essay and paper written during a lit major’s career involves a ton of research and reading. Over 4-5 years, they also learn the art of writing reports: different styles, citations and referencing styles etc. This skill is paramount for think tanks and research institutions, who also hire lit majors due to their skill in researching and report writing. Unlike subject knowledge, writing and researching skills cannot be taught over an orientation period, therefore majors in science and business admin won’t help.

Get Your Ride Booked Online When You Travel


If you are traveling to any part of Australia, you have several options for your transportation. However, if you have a driving license that authorizes you to drive around the country, opting for a rental is the best option to take up. This is a cheaper service than taking up cab services. It offers you the flexibility to travel where you want as long as you know your way and return the car back to the centers of the rental service.

Looking up options

When traveling around in Australia, plan your mode of travel from before. If you are planning to visit a city area during a busy holiday week, ensure that you book the van hire service from before. Several rentals have online booking windows. These allow you to choose the car model you wish to drive, check out the terms and conditions and even book by paying the amount for booking. This will ensure you peace of mind before you travel, knowing that you have a rental vehicle waiting for you.
Getting pickup and drop services

Many van hire in Perth offer drop and pick up services as well. Hence, you could get the rental company to drop off your vehicle at the airport where you arrive and get the vehicle picked up from an assigned destination. This makes the service hassle free for you. All you need to do is mention the pickup and drop destinations. In case such details are not mentioned on the company’s website, you could always inquire by calling them up. There might be nominal extra fees charged for this kind of service.

Getting a good deal

Before you choose a rental service, check up all reputed service providers in the area. Ensure that you pick up a service that is well used and reputed in the region. Again, some companies offer great deals or discounts during lean seasons. Check out discount forums and coupon offerings before you make a decision. However, it is best that you find a reputed service provider than a new company with unreliable ratings that is offering cheap rates. Perth Rent-A-Car provides the best car hire services in Victoria Park and other areas in Australia. 

Read through the terms and conditions

There are certain points to consider when opting for a rental vehicle service. There are insurance coverage terms to go through as well as policies that are relevant to the state or region you are traveling to. There might be local road norms that you need to know about. These details can be found out by contacting the rental service over the phone. Find a service provider whose response time is prompt and service staff is helpful. This would be required when you are traveling alone in a new region by yourself.