3 Ways To Make Money Off Your Free Space

With proper planning and work did choose a venue for your event can be one job you can cut off your to-do list easily.

Space is a valuable asset in this day and age and if you have some extra space that you don’t use these can easily be a way for you to earn an extra income. Depending on the size and location there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

Rent for events

If you have a sizable space in a convenient area you can easily rent it out as a venue for events. There are a lot of events happening and people are looking for venues all the time. However, you might have to spend some money to make your venue look more attractive and to have a few basic facilities. Some landscaping did outside along with a paint job and some decoration can elevate the value of the space and give you the opportunity to charge more. Having some facilities like a custom made projector screen, a sound system would make your venue more appealing to customers. Keeping the extra facilities aside you might have to invest in the basics such as air conditioning, seating and so on.


This is a great idea for any kind of extra space no matter how small it is. The location doesn\’t play a big role as all that is needed in some space to store things. However, if you plan to rent out your extra space for storage make sure that you are fully aware of the legal side of things and sign the contracts beforehand. Getting advice from a lawyer would be highly recommended. Apart from that pay special attention to the security and safety of the items stored. Before renting out your space check it and see if there are any ways that the items inside might be damaged. Not paying attention to these steps can cause some serious problems in the future.


Whether it be a building in the middle of the city or an extra room in your home you can use it as a showroom to store items for sale. If you are planning to sell things for a general consumer then looks matters. However is your selling or renting something that has a very niche market then the way your showroom look won\’t be an issue at all. For example, you can buy a few electric projection screens for sale along with some other equipment needed for events and start renting them from your own home. However, this does need some investment as you need items to store in your showroom. This is especially useful if you are already in this line of work and want to make a supplementary income.With a bit of creativity, any extra space available can be a source of income.

Three Advantages Of Hiring A Private Investigator

Even though we might rarely need the use of someone like a private investigator, sometimes we might find ourselves in unusual positions where we might have to request the use of one. Crimes of all kinds are a part of nature and they only seemingly go up every day. If you fall victim to a crime of any kind, naturally you would contact the police or the authorities but sometimes there is a limit as to what they can do for us! This is where private investigators would come in and help us serve justice to whatever crime was committed! From finding the whereabouts of people to making sure that the true nature of a crime scene is revealed, you can easily find your modern day Sherlock Holmes in a professional private investigator from a service. Certain people might still feel a little reluctant as to why they should hire such professionals but the truth is they manage to offer a lot of benefits to us that most police services or government authorities cannot offer! So here are three benefits of hiring a private investigator. 


They have the needed professionalism 


Some of us might have had rather unprofessional experiences with members of a police station or other kinds of authorities but when it comes to a private detective, it is not going to be an issue. Private investigators always undergo severe training and guidance which eventually makes them the experts in the industry. This kind of training and extensive knowledge is why they always manage to stand out from bland police officers and other officers of the law. Professionalism is also what makes them so successful as well. 


They provide anonymity 


Sometimes if you ask a police officer or an authority officer to help you out with a personal problem, anonymity might become a serious issue. If someone faces a rather serious crime that they do not want the rest of the world finding out yet still wants to get to the bottom of it, a private detective would help them in the best way possible. They are able to find and crack the case while also making sure to preserve your anonymity even if their lives depend on it! So for anyone who finds anonymity an issue, it is not going to be a problem with private investigators! 


They are up for taking risks! 


No one is willing to take risks like a private investigator would! Whether it is harmful or unsafe for them in any way they would still take the risk if it means the case is going to be solved for their client!