Etiquettes You Should Follow When Dealing With Elderly People

We are all taught not to be unkind to people from a young age. Irrespective of their age, gender or ethnicity we are told to treat people with respect. But in this day and age, we see many senior citizens being treated with disrespect. This is heartbreaking to see because these individuals have life experience that we can learn from. Therefore we should not be disrespecting them. Instead, we should be learning from them. Therefore due to this reason, many parents attempt to teach their children etiquettes they should use when dealing with the elderly. However, simply telling them to be respectful is not sufficient. Instead, children require a list of specific guidelines. It is only then they will understand what they have to do. 

Properly Address Them

In this day many youngsters have forgotten the way they should address adults. In the past parents force their children to call adult ‘Sir’ or ‘Mam’. However, that is no longer the case. Now people call them derogatory names. They make nicknames based on conditions they may have such as age related macular degenerationBut they fail to realize how hurtful these names can be. Therefore it is crucial to teach the children to refer to these individuals as ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’. They should be told that they cannot call them by their first name. We understand that some young adults don’t want to be referred as ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’. Therefore due to this reason, they get children to refer them by their first name. However, these senior citizens have not been raised in this culture. They would consider it to be an insult. 

Offer Assistance

As one age they tend to be plagued by various health conditions. This can be anything from keratoconus Hong Kong to a heart condition. Therefore due to this reason, they may not have the energy or the range of movement they used to. But these individuals are unlikely to ask for help. However, that does not mean you should not offer your assistance. If you see them carrying heavy bags you should teach your child to help them. Furthermore, you should also teach them to open doors for these individuals. We understand that you would not be able to teach them everything. But you can teach them to give these individuals any help that would make their lives easier and comfortable.

Elderly individuals are from a different generation altogether. Therefore it is understandable why young children and teenagers would not understand them. But that does not mean it is alright to be disrespectful to these individuals.